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Boost your local business on your LOCAL website

By Sarah Edwards at

Local businesses can now take advantage of a NEW advertising package and promote what they do with Cherwell Valley Today.

For just £57 for SIX months PLUS editorial coverage, AND FREE ad design and plenty of social media sharing, you can’t go wrong! It’s not even a tenner a month! In fact it’s about £2.37 a week!

The number of people who read Cherwell Valley Today is growing all the time thanks to our loyal readership and our social media activity. The amount of people who see our posts on Facebook rose by thousands this month alone, and the number of people who engage with our posts has increased five times.
Cherwell Valley Today is owned and run by a professional journalist who has a passion for supporting local businesses. We won’t tie you in to expensive and ineffective ad campaigns, OR produce stories about your business that are littered with mistakes-unlike some publications that drop through your letterbox.
We also won’t charge you a small fortune and then ‘give’ you an award for being the ‘best business’!
Our advertising rates won’t suddenly increase, there are no hidden costs, no nasty surprises and no promises we can’t keep.
Advertise with us and we will feature your business story on our site and share the post across social media, as well as sorting you out a lovely ad designed by our fantastic designer Steve-all for just £57 for six months.
To have a chat, find out more and book your ad just give us a call 07966 523662 or email