Bicester welcomes youngest ever mayor

By Sarah Edwards at

Bicester has welcomed its new Mayor. At 27, Jason Slaymaker is the youngest person to have ever taken up the post.

Jason was sworn in at a ceremony last month and now has a busy calendar ahead of him. He will be supporting four local organisations this year, they are: OYAP Trust, Nai’s House, Bicester Fire Cadets and Alexandra House of Joy. Cllr Slaymaker said: “I feel very privileged to take on the role of Mayor of Bicester. This is the place I’ve grown up so it’s very surreal, especially because I’m only 27.

“My focus for the year will be to support and provide a voice for the younger generation of Bicester, including developing new initiatives where possible.As a teenager I got involved with the youth council because I was passionate about making a positive contribution to the future of our town and wanted to help shape the place we live for future generations. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of young people in the town who feel the same way.”

Jason was a former chairman of the youth council in 2008/09 and is currently a Bicester town and Cherwell District Councillor. He works as a business development manager for Bicester Green and is responsible for building partnerships with stakeholders and securing grant funding to develop new environmental and social impact projects for Bicester.