An Atlantic effort for charity

By Lily Rodgers at

The distance of the Atlantic Ocean is no small number, covering approximately 20% of the earth’s surface and measuring 3052 land miles. On Wednesday March 20, the staff of Blenheim Palace will take part in a 24- hour charity fundraiser in an attempt to cover the equivalent of this large expanse, walking or cycling 127 miles per hour.

It is a huge challenge and was inspired by Lord George- heir to Blenheim Palace- who rowed the Atlantic with his Oar-Inspiring Team in 35 days, 8 hours and 5 minutes. With George paving the way, such selfless athletic triumphs build momentum and encourage communities to continue on with supporting such feats and helping worthy causes. Dominic Hare, CEO of Blenheim said: “We are so utterly proud of Lord George and his friends. This is a staggering achievement and we felt that we wanted to help him go further. We all want to do our bit to celebrate his achievement and raise money for his causes.”

The Starlight Foundation and The Archway Foundation are the two charities that will benefit from the participants and their supporters. The Starlight Foundation, for whom Lord George and the Oar-Inspiring Team rowed the Atlantic recently, aims to brighten the lives of seriously ill children by granting them wishes-of-a-lifetime and providing fun, laughter and entertainment to children in hospitals and hospices across the UK. The Starlight Foundation believes that “a little fun and distraction can go a long way and help brighten even the darkest days’’.

The Archway Foundation is Blenheim’s chosen charity of the year for 2019, and aims to relieve some of the real distress caused by loneliness. Feelings of loneliness affect people of all ages and backgrounds and it is an experience that many of us go through at various points in our lives.  In an effort to make sure this mammoth accomplishment is achieved, Blenheim have enlisted the help of local personal trainer Ben Scurr. Ben is generously providing the bikes and his time for free along with running quizzes, providing music and encouragement to get the team through.

Blenheim will be allowing cycling on site, after visitor hours, from Flagstaff to Hensington and back, as well as group walking sessions. The 24 hours will conclude with a meet and greet and a (much needed) drinks reception with Lord and Lady Blandford in The Orangery on the March 21. Both charities are hugely important and relevant, please click here to show your support.