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Banbury Museum announces development plans to create the Pye Gallery

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Work starts at the end of August to create a new gallery at Banbury Museum following a campaign to raise £300,000.

Since the museum became a trust in November 2013 the team has been committed to sharing its passion for history and culture by bringing exciting and interactive exhibitions to the community of Banbury, continuously developing and improving its offer.

On Tuesday 28 August the team will start a project to re-develop the ground floor of the museum and create The Pye Gallery. This new gallery will be nearly 40% larger than the existing gallery for special exhibitions which will enable the museum to bring a wider range of national touring exhibitions from major museums and collections.

The development and creation of The Pye Gallery has been a strong focus for the museum over the past year and the team has been extremely successful in its fundraising efforts to ensure this ambitious development goes ahead. The museum is determined to bring better exhibitions to the community and is now inviting the public to contribute to this exciting project by donating towards the improvements.

Simon Townsend, Museum Director said: “Banbury Museum Trust is delighted to give the green light to The Pye Gallery, which will open this December. We have raised an incredible £300,000 in just over 12 months and are very excited to start this project. This development would not have been possible without the many generous donations, not least the Mr and Mrs J A Pye’s Charitable Settlement, after which the gallery will take its name. We now invite the community to raise the final £30,000 with us and welcome all to celebrate in the museum on 18th August and to hear more about our plans.”

As a charitable trust Banbury Museum appreciates all donations supporting the museums mission in providing an inspirational, educational and enriching programme for all to enjoy. Together the community of Banbury can play an important part in the development of The Pye Gallery and contribute towards creating a space that will host many national and international exhibitions for future generations to come.

On Saturday 18 August Banbury Museum welcomes visitors to celebrate the upcoming development and learn more about what’s to come. There will be staff on hand to answer questions, large graphics available to view and more detail about the funding behind this exciting project. The museum will also be providing free craft activities and face painting for children from 11am – 3pm.

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