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Running to inspire women

By Sarah Edwards at

A new running club is launching in Bicester as part of a global movement to inspire more women to be fearless through running.

Local runner Lisa Ruggles will launch the Bicester group of the 261 Fearless club on April 19 and is calling on women across the area to get involved.

261 Fearless was founded by Kathrine Switzer, (pictured above with Lisa) the first woman to officially finish a marathon.

Lisa said: “Kathrine was the first official female finisher of a marathon. Famously, the race director at the Boston Marathon didn’t like that a woman was running his race and tried to rip her bib number off her. She finished the race and went on to pioneer over 400 women’s only marathons which lead to the inclusion of women in the marathon at Olympic level. Kathrine will be running London for the first time this year wearing the 261 bib. In 2015, Kathrine set up 261 Fearless as a vehicle to unite and inspire ladies all over the world to be fearless through running. Clubs are forming all over the world. My goal is to inspire more women to exercise, feel better about themselves and gain friends through the power of running. The clubs are non-competitive and all inclusive.”

Lisa Ruggles hopes to inspire women of all abilities to start running with the new 261 Fearless group in Bicester.

The club in Bicester will be launched on Thursday 19 April at 9.30am. Lisa added: “I am running in the London Marathon and launching the 261 Fearless club in Bicester will be a great way to inspire other women to get running.”

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