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Spring has sprung and it’s time to tackle the garden!

By Sarah Edwards at

A childhood love of the great outdoors inspired Michelle Tarling to put her greenfingers to good use and start her own business-Spires Gardening Services.
With Easter upon us we will all be starting to tackle our outdoor spaces, and Michelle’s new venture offers support with general garden maintenance such as weeding, pruning, soil preparation, cutting back vegetation, mowing, garden planting and plant care.
Michelle said: “I have enjoyed nature and being outdoors since I was a young child growing up on a farm, however I embarked on a 20 year career in Public Services. During this time I undertook gardening as a pastime. I took the decision to become a full time gardener last year, and in January this year took the leap to become self-employed as a gardener and set up my own business.
“There is so much that I love about gardening so it’s actually quite difficult to pinpoint what it is that appeals to me the most! I would say that a significant part of it is how it stimulates the senses – the different smells of the soil, plants and foliage, the sounds of birds, the wind in trees and grasses, the amazing colours of different plant varieties, the feel of the soil and textures of plants, and there’s definitely no comparison in the taste of produce that you have grown yourself!”
Michelle thinks that more people are embracing their gardens. She added: “ I definitely think that more and more people are becoming interested in it, and realising the benefits that can be gained from it. From the kitchen windowsill to the local community garden, there is always a space where people can grow something. With our busy everyday lives I think that more people than ever are appreciating how much can be gained from having an interest in gardening.
“I believe your garden is the most important space that you can have. It offers additional living space in which you can enjoy the company of your family and friends, and offers you a place of solitude on your own. Gardens are also vitally important in supporting our ecosystem, and every space should be used as much as possible to encourage our wildlife.”

Michelle has shared with us three jobs that we can all have a go at over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend:

FEEDING – We are now at the start of the growing season and plants will need feeding to support strong root systems, healthy foliage and better flowers and fruit.
MOWING – Grass is starting to grow again and will need it’s first cut, and a feed to promote strong growth.
MULCHING – Putting well rotted manure or compost around plants will supress weeds (also now starting to grow strongly!) and add much needed nutrients to the soil for the season ahead.
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