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Alison is The Mistress of the Bake!

By Sarah Edwards at

There is no doubt that our love affair with baking is not going to end any time soon-and Mistress of the Bake Alison Graham from Upper Heyford knows this only too well.
What started out as a hobby and a passion for creating delicious cakes and bakes looks set to become a new business venture for Alison who has recently teamed up with creative couple Stephen and Kim Yorke from Crumble Cottage-another home-based enterprise.
The trio have been busy creating a series of cooking videos to accompany Crumble Cottage’s range of kitchen and home textiles as well as developing a new cookery book that should be on our Christmas lists for 2018 if it all goes to plan

Alison is The Mistress of the Bake

As well as this creative collaboration, Alison is busy feeding hungry friends as orders roll in for her delicious and beautiful cakes and other sweet treats.
Alison, who is also a Reflexologist said: “I used to bake as a child and when my daughter Holly, who is now 12, was born I started baking again. It had all been growing organically and then about a year ago I started asking friends if they wanted a cake or a pudding made to ask me and it has grown from there.
“Lots of my friends have been saying I should do more with my baking skills for some time now. I really want to learn more and I have booked myself onto some courses to improve my skills as I am completely self-taught.”
Among Alison’s culinary triumphs have been a piñata cake and cactus cupcakes. The morning that I spent with the Mistress of The Bake involved divine blinis, delicious and decadent puffs of cheesy pastry Gougeres and perfect lemon meringue cupcakes filled with homemade lemon curd-yes, I LOVE my job!
Alison added: “I am all about the bake. It needs to taste good and look good. Since Holly started at secondary school I have a bit more time to devote to baking so I am splitting my week between reflexology clients and baking and working on developing the baking as a business.”
Alison has already been asked to create a wedding cake for a couple who are tying the knot at Christmas. She added: “They have asked for a cake themed around winter wonderland and Batman! It is going to be quite a challenge as I have never done anything quite like it before but they have some great ideas and we are working together to create the perfect centrepiece for their special day.”
To contact Alison email you can also follow her story on Instagram @mistressofthebake