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Harness your business potential with Ferret

By Sarah Edwards at

Social media isn’t a brave new world – it’s here to stay and has huge business potential – but harnessing that potential takes knowledge of the channels and time to get right. That’s where local business Ferret can help – the team works work with SMEs, helping businesses to engage with their customers so that they don’t miss out.

Becky Mew from Ferret Online said: “We begin with the basics: dismantling your business strategy and using it to piece together a rock-solid social media strategy that works. We will help you reach people with a real interest in your brand, create customer loyalty and increase word of mouth. Because we know how to use social media channels to build your brand and increase sales, we can help you engage better with the customers you’ve already got – and get you noticed by customers you didn’t even know existed.
“We know that one size doesn’t fit all so we aim to be flexible – we’d be happy to chip in with help when you need it, take on your entire social media operation, or anywhere in between.”

The team at Ferret has various packages to suit all businesses, and anyone who signs up for three months will get their fourth month free.

Becky added: “For £195+VAT per month- our newcomer package gives you a taster of how social media can help you grow an active online presence and organically reach out to more people each week in your local area. If you want to grow bigger, faster and increase your reach potential, an executive package guarantees faster returns and costs £295+VAT a month.
For an all singing, all dancing hard hitting targeted campaign, our premium package at £395+ VAT a month includes everything you need to be seen and heard within the online world of social media.

“Ferret get under the skin of the market and the needs of an audience; we’ll make sure your campaign hits the right spot, creating maximum impact. Whether it’s social media, content marketing, video, web design, graphic design or search engine optimisation – get in touch to learn more about us, or more importantly, find out what we can do for you.”

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