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Work with us to promote your business-and get a FREE PR consultation!

By Sarah Edwards at

We have developed a fabulous and cost effective advertising and marketing package to help local business to promote what they do.
And we are offering everyone who gets in touch to book our new package a FREE media and PR consultation to make sure you are making the most of opportunities to promote what you do.

For a one off fee, we can provide the following:

A custom designed advert with original art work

A sponsored post with photos, logos and loads of links and information about your business

A short film about you and your business

A social media campaign

PR and media training to help you learn  more about promoting your business, using social media, creating content and dealing with the media.

To find out more and have a chat with either Sarah or Vicky please email or ring 07966 523662

Our ad packages are designed to be flexible, cost effective and targeted to make sure you reach the right audience for YOUR business. Our rates are much cheaper than print advertising rates in local magazines and newspapers and will never get thrown in the recycling bin as soon as they come through your letter box! Thousands of readers a day are looking at our website and following us across social media.