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Bicester chosen as location for sci-fi film

By Sarah Edwards at

A group of Oxford film students have spent the week in Bicester making a Sci-Fi film that they hope will help them break into the industry.
The students from the SAE Institute in Oxford, have created two pilot episodes of PIP The First Conscious Robot, and hope that it will be released later in the spring. They are keen for the project to be available via Amazon and NetFlix.
Producer Jason Farries said: “The plan is to create the first two episodes of PIP in order to test the concept with Science Fiction fans, and then after these pilot episodes, develop PIP into a fully produced series. We want to make this an amazing series that will grow and become really successful.
“We are really passionate about this project and have self-funded it as well as organising Crowd Funding which has gone really well. It started as a short script that was influenced by classic sci-fi films. We are all big sci-fi fans!”

The project has been supported by local firm Bicester Short Stays who have helped the seven-strong production team find a location to shoot the film.
PIP – The First Conscious Robot is a story about a genius engineer who creates artificial intelligence out of scrap pieces of tech.

The story follows Simon, a young inventor, who has spent years working on the first fully functional android with a conscious mind. Although most of his attempts so far have led to disaster, Simon pushes on in hopes that his years of research pay off. Exhausted and overworked, Simon has one more attempt at uploading the software and successfully manages to wake up Pip.
Pip is not only an intelligent and fast learning robot; he is also powerful and extremely fast. When Pip is introduced to the modern world he is so fascinated by human beings that all he wants to do is interact and play games just like a human. Simon shows him music and video games, and it doesn’t take long for Pip to become obsessed with the idea of being human. Although Simon tries to explain that it is impossible, Pip will stop at nothing to become one with the human race.
You can find out more about the project here