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We are delighted to welcome a new regular columnist to
Julia Martin runs the Creation Station in Bicester, and will be sharing her creative ideas with us in a series of regular columns.



Well what a start to the year we’ve had at the Creation Station in Bicester.

Lots of creative fun in classes and as February and half term approaches I’m starting to think about Valentine’s Day and that problem every year… What to get the other half. Well this year I’ve decided to enlist the help of the children and have them make daddy a lovely card and gift. If, like me, you suffer from a similar problem then I will let you in on what I’m planning to make.
For the card, use an A4 piece of card, fold it in half to make an A5 sized card. Then paint the children’s hands, each with red and purple paint (you can use any colour you want, I just like these together). Next turn the card upside down and place the painted hands onto the card to form a heart shape. Inside you can write your own messages or if you’re like me, just let the children ‘sign’ the card 
The gift idea was a little trickier so after way too much time searching the internet for ideas, I have decided to make a love tree. You will need some coloured card or paper, PVA glue, Scissors and a Pen. For the tree trunk use your arm and hand. Place your hand down on a piece of green card and draw around your stretched-out fingers. To make the top of the tree draw a large heart for the background and then lots of smaller ones on red card to decorate, you could use paint instead to make these if you don’t want to do all this cutting. Glue down your hand print onto the bottom of your big heart. Then stick on all the little hearts over the top of your tree. You can now draw your name carving onto your tree of love and then think of some exciting things that you love to write on all the hearts.
I hope you all enjoy making these and until next month, happy crafting.

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