Age UK Oxfordshire needs your nimble knitting needles!

By Sarah Edwards at

Age UK Oxfordshire is taking part in the Big Knit fundraising initiative, now in its 13th year. Age UK Oxfordshire and its local supporters knit little hats, about the size of an egg cosy, to go on top of Innocent smoothie drinks bottles. For every hat that Age UK Oxfordshire sends to Innocent, 25p is donated by Innocent towards the charity’s unfunded Information and Advice Helpline.

This year, Innocent has challenged Age UK Oxfordshire to double the number of hats that they made last year and to create a whopping 28,000 little knitted hats.

Rachel Boland, Head of Information and Advice at Age UK Oxfordshire said: “Our helpline supports over 3,000 people each year, giving them advice on a wide range of topics affecting older people and also linking them in to essential local services. As an organisation we have such close links to local services across Oxfordshire that we can assist in ways that national helplines can’t.”

To spread the word near and far that their Helpline needs your knitting needles to be active, Age UK Oxfordshire did the mannequin challenge. The mannequin challenge is a viral internet video trend whereby participants freeze in motion, like mannequins, while a camera films the scene.

Staff and volunteers at the charity froze in frenzied motion of knitting and counting little woollen hats. The comedian, Bill Oddie, gave the charity permission to use his ‘Knitting Song’ in the video.

The video can be viewed on their website:–campaigns/the-big-knit/ For more information about Age UK Oxfordshire’s Big Knit and how to get involved please call 07827 235 405 or visit–campaigns/the-big-knit/

Age UK Oxfordshire is an independent local charity dedicated to giving older people in Oxfordshire comfort, support and opportunities to have a life. The charity provides free local information, advice and support; commercial products and services; and research and campaigns on the issues that matter to people in later life.
For further information on services and volunteering opportunities call 0345 450 1276 or go to–campaigns/the-big-knit/