Top tips for streetwise safety

By Sarah Edwards at

As the nights draw in, child safety is at the forefront of every parent’s mind.

Risks are at their greatest as children make their way to and from school as well as after-school clubs or when they’re simply playing out in the twilight hours.

But just a few smart changes to outer wear and accessories can make all the difference.

Carolyn Budding, director of school uniform and hi-vis safety wear supplier, shares her top five tips to help keep youngsters safe and seen in the winter months ahead.



1. To be bright and be seen in the daytime choose outer clothing in colourful, or ideally, fluorescent materials to give optimum brightness especially in low natural light.
2. When darkness falls you need retro-reflective materials such as the shiny trim on hi-vis jackets. These are most effective under dark or low-light level conditions as cars can see you easily in their headlights.
3. For younger children why not invest in a hi-vis tabard which can easily stow away in a bag at school, or armbands which can also be worn over coats and other clothing.
4. For older children, items such as hi-vis book bags, musical instrument cases or rucksacks with retro-reflective trims are ideal when it’s going dark. A great way to customise a backpack is to add cool reflective zip clips and stickers.
5. Flashing lights are cool and they’re not just on trendy kids’ trainers now – a flashing LED-light water bottle, picture attached, is a great eye-catching addition to the safety kit.

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